Thursday, April 27, 2006


As RevEm has tagged me, and I get so excited about being tagged, and after my whiny post this afternoon, I figure I should reflect a bit on the blessings... So, in no particular order, 10 Blessings...

1. Most things blogg-y: writing, reading, leaving the occasional comment, receiving comments, obsessively checking my sitemeter....

2. My family and their amazing ability to make me laugh

3. Coffee

4. The simple fact that there's a roof over my head and money to pay the bills

5. Friends

6. Books to read

7. A sunny day with a hint of warmth

8. Music

9. Having people in my life who get the potentials of church and who in small ways get me.

10. Other women in ministry who support each other

I tag... YOU! Really, if you'd like to play, please -- play! It's always good to recount our blessings!


Songbird said...

Oh, coffee! How did I leave that off my list? Although I'm not sure life's blood is a *simple* pleasure...

PeaceBang said...

But what about shoes? Especially PINK SHOES?

Pink Shoes said...

Mmm... Shoes. Yes, how could I forget?