Monday, September 04, 2006


It's raining, or projected to rain, all day here. We don't mind the rain, really, but it sort of eliminates a lot of the ideas that we had for today's entertainment. And, because we realize that everyone else is trying to get out of the rain, many of the other options for going somewhere become overwhelmed with people. And, because it's Labor Day, many of our favorite outings aren't an option, like the library.

I feel horribly uncreative on days like this -- surely we can do something with our family that doesn't involve going to some sort of attraction, right?

I'll let you know what we discover.

Good news: I've brought us up-to-date on clothing mangement for the kidlet. We're ready to transition to the next size and weather.


ppolarbear said...

So...what did you end up doing?

Pink Shoes said...

We were quite pathetic, actually... and didn't do a whole lot. We ventured across the northern tier of burbdom to return some things, but mostly we stayed home!

Revem said...

Home days are sometimes good, especially if you lead a life where everyone is often going somewhere or doing something.

Sometimes it's nice just to be.