Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ten Things on Tuesday

1. Moving with a sick child is hard. Especially when the sickness involves many messy changes. He's better now.

2. We love to have phone service in our house, and high-speed internet, and when it doesn't work the way it's supposed to, we get really, really grumpy. Especially when the company doesn't seem all that concerned about fixing the problem.

3. Christmas is coming.... and I've done more to prepare than ever before, and yet I still feel out of sorts -- perhaps because all of my preparations are still in boxes, or not found.

4. I'm wearing the sassiest, least pastor-like boots that I own this morning.

5. Old homes have very little closet space.

6. And small-ish kitchens.

7. With white metal cabinets (which I love) that provide for magnetic storage solutions.

8. I'm still enough of a northern girl that I expect to see snow on the ground at this time of year, though for the sake of the move and getting things done, I'm glad that the ground is bare and dry.

9. With the lights on the tree and a glass of wine last night, I felt incredibly content.

10. Work beckons.


PPB said...

congrats on moving--and ending up in one place and one piece!

TheoOnTapintheBurg said...

Sassy boots or any sassy shoe for that matter, will make you feel better. There's a motto to live by!

I just bought sassy boots this morning while I was out shopping "for youth group."

Anonymous said...

Congats on the move. I hear ya about moving with a sick kid! Not fun!

Mrs. M said...

Pinkie, your cabinets sounds fantastic, and I still want to share a bottle of wine with you.

Pink Shoes said...

mrs. m -- you're welcome anytime! as are others.... mmmmm, wine party.

Sue said...

congrats on the big move!

I hope you are able to settle in quickly and without any more sickies.

Anonymous said...

Hi pink shoes, I thought you might like to use this to further your bible studies!

Shepherd's Chapel

Enjoy your studies! alisciia

Listing Straight said...

Hope that things are going well- that health and feeling settled are your companions...