Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Gadgets and Gizmos, Good Grief!

My new hair dryer arrived. I ordered it from friendly jungle online site because I could get free shipping and knew I wouldn't get to the store before it arrived. I did have a spare, of course, so not all was lost in the meantime.
This new one is pretty fabulous. And, it's a lot more hair dryer than I need. My child now points to it and says, "Mommy's newwwww hair dryer. Mommy dry-a hair." He then points to my hair, looks, and says, "Mommy all done dry-a hair."
If only this dryer could double as a printer for my office, as I'm about to throw that said gadget out the window. It's made me nothing but crabby-crabby-crabby all afternoon. Crabby-crabby-crabby, I tell you.


Iris said...

I hear you, Pink Shoes! I think I must emit an anti-technlogy energy field, because "gadgets and gizmos" hate me.

hipastorzwife2B said...

Oh, how can you be crabby...the new dryer, the cute child comments?
Oh yeah...printers.
I had a heated arguement with a copier today. I totally understand!

LadyBurg said...

Yup, gadgets can make me grouchy too.