Thursday, September 06, 2007

So pretty. So, so pretty. So very pretty.

I'm rarely as excited to receive a package as I am when I've ordered from See Jane Work. Even though I chose the slowest shipping possible, and Monday was a holiday, and I checked the tracking number, I still asked my office every day this week, "Did I get a package?" My cynical co-everything, upon overhearing me ask this question, responded, "What do you think this is, Christmas?" Hmpf. See if I order him any lovely office supplies.


SJW makes receiving even the most mundane (ie, pencils and paperclips) lovely, not to mention the excitement when it's a new business card holder! *gasp* Or a *can you stand the excitement* financial organizer. If only their products could actually make me work. *sigh* Perhaps tomorrow will be more productive after I'm done gazing lovingly at the blue tissue paper in which everything was wrapped.


ppb said...

Thanks a lot. You're not supposed to show things like this to people in recovery from over-purchase of office supplies.

RevHRod said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you. You have an office supply fetish! If the colleague for life doesn't understand then I think he should just go to K-mart and get his own pens and paper!

I'm not always permitted by my staff to go to the office supply store. They fear for the budget and my safe return.

Iris said...

That is a great site. I just got lost in it for about half an hour.

LadyBurg said...

Oh my, this stuff is pretty. I'm not sure I'm happy I know this. Yikes!