Friday, November 16, 2007

In response to a question

Where is the Spirit
Where is God when I...
preacherpoet motherdaughter
when I am the woman - the woman -
who cries at a yellow house
but does not. behind
(and that is important)
when I am the woman
preacher poet who craves
recognition and a
sense of authority or a sense of feeling
of being known
but blogs anonymously, says
no, CRUMBLES when
challenged where is God
and what are my
yearning my challenges, my
gifts and how am I
true to them
I am pulled, pushed but
am I standing firmproudalive
with who I am, or am I shirking
the gifts that God has given
me? What do I yearn
for to do with a glass of
wine, a book and a pen.
what does this give me
the freedom
to do, from the trappings
of these walls we call
church together apart as
one in the world
what am I yearning and
dare I make plans
cast vision
claim mission
I am preacherpoet woman.


Katherine said...


This is beautiful.

LadyBurg said...

Beautiful. What do you do preacherpoet woman with those gifts? You do have a beautiful gift.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

i agree with ladyburg - beautiful! beautimusso! beautifically done!

Iris said...

Pink Shoes,
I love to read your poetry. Thank you for sharing this one, especially.

juniper68 said...


St. Inuksuk said...

You go, preacherpoet woman!!! Always a pleasure to stop in!

Amy said...

Thanks. I needed that. Especially as I head into the dreaded budget meeting, in which I am decidedly non-gifted, tomorrow night.