Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Holy Week, What else?

Things that I'm doing this week:
* Being grateful for health and home
* Feeling oddly out-of-sorts and out of rhythm
* Experiencing my own leadership as if for the first time
* Blowing the last remnants of a cold out of my head
* Rejoicing over a shared meal and laughter with a high school friend
* Pondering the contents of my child's basket, and knowing it doesn't really matter
* Reading late at night
* Wanting to go on vacation
* Laughing with my son
* Teaching new words: alpaca, pygme goat, lamb
* Anticipating the return of snowbirds
* Holding people in prayer
* Aching to dig in the dirt


LadyBurg said...

Digging in the dirt does wonders! I was out a few days ago but its way to cold again. Ugh.

Hope you will have dirt under your nails soon!

Pink Shoes said...

Me, too -- though not too soon.... I got a manicure today! Of course I promptly smudged it, but oh well!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

Are we not all (to some extend) supposed to feel "out of sorts" during Holy Week? Sounds like your days have had plenty packed into them... hope you find time to at least dream of what you will plant (perhaps while staring at those fabulously manicured nails?)

will smama said...

Here's to survival!

Pink Shoes said...

Yeah, HotCup, I suppose you're right... I'd not thought of that!

Reverend Dona Quixote said...

I feel you, especially about aching to dig in the dirt, feeling oddly out of sorts, out of rhythm and wanting to go on vacation

Iris said...



revabi said...

Pink shoes hope you made it through Holy week, and are resting up. Happy Easter Season!