Saturday, April 21, 2007


Or simply said to me over the past weeks.

While I was approaching a table holding nametags:
"Oooo -- PastorDH's wife must be coming. There's her nametag."
"That's me!"
Since we've started working together, I'm rarely referred to as PastorDH's wife. Can't say that I've missed it entirely, but that is how these women knew me, I guess.

From an adult on the morning of Good Friday during the craft portion of our children's worship:
"You look so thin without your robe on."

Absolutely nothing to say to that in response.


ppb said...

Not really, is there.
I ran into a child from church who said she didn't recognize me "with my clothes on."

mother was quick to loudly explain, "you mean without her PREACHING ROBE over her clothes."

Iris said...

Huh. There is nothing to say to that! "Ummm... Thank you very much?"

Sue said...


hipastorzwife2B said...

Once I heard
"See, she does too have legs"
Apparently I need to get out from behind the desk.