Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thoughts of the day

I need to charge more for non-member weddings.

We're planning a vacation. A tropical vacation. It's a long ways from now (more than a year) but I'm very, very excited. Given that we honeymooned in Canada, this will be delightful.

It's really warm outside, and that exhausts me.

We bottled the first batch of beer last night. My thoughts are now consumed with designing and printing labels for the "Hey, Honey...."

There's a fair amount of stuff I need to do before being away from the office next week. And before September. And before tonight, to be honest.

But all I want to do is go buy shoes. Which I might do after finishing the bulletin for draft purposes. So I should write the bulletin instead of blogging.


LadyBurg said...

Wish I could join you for shoe shopping - but I'd be a bad influence.

Have fun planning the tropical vacation. I think planning and dreaming is half the fun!

Iris said...

Charge more for non-member weddings and you can buy more shoes!

will smama said...

$300. At least.

Sign me up for the mail order beer list!

Mrs. M said...

You missed a very important detail:


juniper68 said...

what do you charge for non member weddings? i charge 300, too, ws...

Pink Shoes said...

I've been charging $250, which I've learned through doing a couple co-officiating gigs for interfaith weddings is too low.

And about the shoes... They didn't have my size anymore in the ones I wanted. Boo hiss.