Monday, October 01, 2007

Cooking in our kitchen = adventure

4:45 in the afternoon
I open our fridge and see: a whole lotta nothing. Well, that's not true.
A whole lot of somethings that should be tossed, and not much else.
I glance at our counter and see three acorn squash from the farmer's market.

Slice the squash, put butter and syrup (brown sugar would have been better) in them and into the oven they go.

5:30 pm.
I decide I really want some sausage in my squash.
We don't have any sausage in the fridge.
But we do have apples, which makes me think.... mmmm apples and squash.
Slice and peel apple.
Chop in processor.

A look into the freezer reveals meatballs of unknown flavor or seasoning (I know they were purchased at the C@stc@, and were given shelter during the flood at a neighbor's freezer, but the identifying packaging is long gone.).

Defrost meatballs.
Add to apple-chop and process.

Discover some parmesan cheese.
Add to apple-meat-chop and process.

Scoop into squash, and return to oven with more cheese on top.

I love being able to pull together a meal out of what appears to be not much -- this had better results than some, but there's such satisfaction to this kind of problem solving! Perhaps because no matter how it turns out, it's done and over and all cleaned up.


more cows than people said...

i'm impressed. our fridge is filled with a whole lot that probably needs to be trashed. and that inspires me to make a peanut butter sandwich.

good for you for making a meal out of what you have.

and yay for knowing about SCW!

ppb said...

wow. I would be making cereal. I'm totally impressed.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That sounds so good!!

LadyBurg said...

THAT is impressive. I've have begged to be taken out. I like to cook but I only cook from a recipe.

I'm sooo impressed!