Thursday, October 04, 2007

On the spot

I usually think of really great things to say, after the event is over.
Tonight I was thinkin' on the spot.

We headed to the Big Warehouse Membership Store of Choice tonight because we needed a few things. Tempermental Toddler was in rare form, but at every threat of tantrum we were able to head him off at the pass:
"oooo.... look over there!"
"you don't want cookies. that'd be silly."
"should I shnoogle* your elbow?"
"should I shnoogle your elbow, again?"

And then as we're heading out the door (and after he's eaten nearly the whole industrial-size polish sausage), he anticipates that the woman checking our receipt will draw a smiley face (instead of just a straight line) for him.
But she doesn't.
And he turns to me with those big blue eyes and says, "But where's my smiley face?"

To which I respond:
"She drew it sideways, buddy."
And away we went.

*Shnoogle: to snuzzle, snuggle, and zrbrt a child's elbow (or knee or nose or arm) while making the snuffling sounds.


LadyBurg said...

Too cute! I think its great that he was disappointed he didn't get the smiley face. He should be! We should all get the smiley face.

will smama said...

Well played!

Pink Shoes said...

Ok, the two of you started to leave a comment at the exact same time. Weird.

ppb said...

I never knew schnoogle before. always good to build a vocab first thing.

Lorna said...

marvellous :)

Identity Mixed said...

With a toddler, you always have to have a creative answer!

Sunshine said...

Incredible lightning-fast thinking parent!! You are amazing.