Sunday, May 25, 2008


I'm all full-up, as my kidlet used to say, from this past week. All brimming with inspiration, of speakers and brushes with fame. I'm satiated with friends and connections, new and old. I'm a bit sloshy with the life, and drunk on conversation and idea.
And now I'm back, drawn again to word and immersed in a sacramental life. I'm asking questions again, of myself, my place, my calling, searching for clarity and synchronicity, trying to answer that which I asked others. I'm looking for that yearning bit and trying to stand apart.
It's not easy, this calling, and it's been good to have a break, to realize that no one else lives an especially easy life, either. That there are always obligations and questions, irritations and frustrations.

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Sometimes it takes time for all that input to percolate, doesn't it? Asking questions is good though. And I always tell myself that I'll know the answers when I need to know.

"Searching for clarity and synchronicity" . . . I like that phrase.