Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My husband recently got a fancy new phone, you know, a "smartphone" that allows him to check email and send things on a qwerty keypad. It's nice and when he's driving, I use it to check things online and to send an occasional update or email. Mine is a standard flip phone, and it works just fine. However, as I find myself being out of the office more and more, on the road or simply away to places without (free) business centers or even a computer, I dream of being able to check in without having to go home or to the office. It seems silly in some ways to me, but in other ways it's a good use of resources... some might even say in this line of work, that it's good stewardship.

This morning he handed me the fancyschmancy device and said, "read this." Under the banner headline of "Smartphones Now Ringing for Women," the New York Times reported on the trend of women increasingly wanting smartphones -- iphone, blacberry, etc. He hadn't read more than the opening sentences, but as I've lusted after his phone he thought I might find it of interest.

Interesting, yes. Slightly enraging? Yep.

With quotes such as, "Women have been using them for years in business, of course, but many are finding that the phones can also help manage their families’ hectic schedules and keep them in touch with friends" Ms. Holson proceeded to illustrate that women can use a phone (and it doesn't have to be pink! WHAT?! Shock of all shocks!) to keep every bit of their life in order. You know, on top of all of the things that they do in the office. And, better still, it's not seen as "geeky" anymore to be connected. Perhaps if she'd left out the phrase "of course" that particular quote wouldn't have perturbed me quite so much. As if women had just realized that they could use a planner to schedule everything else -- and not. just. work.

Because look -- women can operate technology, too!

(Just for the record: I have nothing against the pink phone. I would happily use one if given the opportunity.)


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

She does seem to imply that we're a bit S . . L . . O . . W.

Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

This quote kills me: "Women, including wives and mothers, need to keep track of their busy lives, too." Wow, you mean even wives and mothers can use smart phones? What's next? A woman running for president? And what's with the woman who said, "This is such a girly thing to say, but I love the iPhone's design." Since when did good design mean something is girly? This article makes me say Ack!

P.S. an after-thought said...

Well, maybe women have been able to keep track of all that stuff without a fancy phone because we're just (DUH!) more organized and also we multi task, but we've just discovered that maybe we also want to have email in our phones or something.
Besides, a pink phone would go with your shoes. In this household, I'm the techy one, although I feel no need for a fancy phone and I'm also the one that can find HIS lost stuff.