Friday, August 12, 2005

I love shoes

And so one of the saddest moments of my ordination was when I thought, "Now I'm destined to a life of professional, black pumps." Ah, what did I know then? I'm prepared to begin introducing colors to my "professional" shoe wardrobe, expanding from the pink flats that I wear a lot.


St. Casserole said...

Dress like yourself when you are doing your usual work. Funerals are black, at least down here in the Backwater.
The first time I celebrated the Lord's Supper wearing sandals and bright pink toes, I knew I was on to something.
Glad to read your blog!

Kathryn said...

Oh...I got sooo steamed up at the prospect of black clerical shirts (my training vicar is conservative in his dress, though mercifully open in most other things...and I was convinced that the parish would want me to match him) but rapidly abandoned the thought of trying to be someone else. I wear a clerical shirt all the time while working, but only have one black, which I've hardly ever worn. Lots of blues, a lilac, a couple of greens...and of course, of course PINK :-)

Pink Shoes said...

What I wouldn't do for a pink clerical shirt... I wore a lovely fresh green suit for worship yesterday and received many more compliments than I expected on the departure from grey/black/brown that we usually wear. Once a month we do a service without vestments and it's always the hardest morning to get dressed. I also wore new black shoes, which one congregant deemed, "sexy."
Thanks for the comments!

Katherine said...

I poked around in your archives to find the etymology of your blog title- not just because I like it, but because, I, too, wear pink shoes in the pulpit. Cute pointy-toed $4 Payless flats that I bought especially for my ordination. (I'm a consummate cheapskate; what can I say. I'm at least a cheapskate with panache.)