Saturday, August 20, 2005


I'm curious how other clergy-types view Saturdays... Is it a day to catch up, a day for weddings and funerals, etc? Is it a "normal" office day? Is it a work-from-home day?
I'm still developing how I feel about it, though I know that I loathe being told to be in the office by anyone (and that's where I'm at this Saturday). It seems like a great day to work if there's work to be done, but to also play catch up in other parts (husband, child, house, animals) of my life to make up for the three nights that I was at the office this week...
When preaching, Saturday is often the last great push as I'm more likely to sprint when writing a sermon than lay it out like a marathon (thanks to Kennon Callahan for the image of sprinters v. marathoners).
But I'm not preaching this weekend. And I'm still in the office. For about another five minutes.
On the bright side, BB (baby boy) slept through the night for the first time last night. And, for the most part, so did I! I was amazed when I discovered the clock read 5:45. Even better, after feeding him we slept again until nearly 9. Heading home to see him smile.


Songbird said...

I try really hard to have Friday and Saturday resemble a "weekend," but I'm often working on the sermon on Saturday. And twice a month during the school year there are church suppers (fundraisers) on Saturdays. And, yes, there are weddings. And the occasional funeral. But I do try...

Kathryn said...

Congratulations to BB for sleeping through. One of the most helpful milestones ever :-)
I'm not really very good at the work/home divide...I spend too much time on my computer for both, that the lines get very blurry, specially as my study is right here in the home. I've NEVER got my sermon finished before Saturday night, though, so that's a regular element in preaching Saturdays...and yes, lots of weddings. I guess I don't go looking for work at the w'ends though..only the sickest of sick get a visit etc.