Thursday, August 18, 2005

Lack of a satisfying breakfast carb

This morning my little guy let me sleep in -- usually he wakes around 6:30 or 7, after being up anywhere between 2 and 4. But this morning, it was 8:15 before his coos (not cries!) roused me at 8:15. Amazing what a little extra sleep will do for everyone.
However, this extra sleep caused me to rush, rush, rush to get things ready and to get him to daycare and me to the office at a reasonable time. And, I've often lamented, there's not a convenient donut shop between the house and the office. I'll have to consider that when I take my next call. Well, anyway. So, there I was at the office this morning without a donut. Which caused me to raid the freezer for a leftover cookie.
I guess that I'll gladly take an extra hour of sleep over a donut. And, there's always tomorrow.


Songbird said...

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will smama said...

Hi pink shoes. I too am a new Mom. 'The Boy' is 6 months old. I too have no donut shop between the house and work. I merely meander across the parking lot. I too lament the rigidity of black pumps. Although truly I am happiest in sneakers or sandals.

Welcome to the world of blog. I just joined myself and look forward to learning more about the folks in the 'community'.

Jen said...

Hey, Pink Shoes! Look forward to your blog! :)