Monday, November 21, 2005

10 Things

That I'm looking forward to about my upcoming Thanksgiving Vacation. We leave Tuesday for a Northern Destination that was once Home. We'll be gone a whole w-e-ek.

In no particular order ...

1. My Aunt-in-Law's Beans.

2. Pumpkin pie

3. Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
... Not all 10 are about food...

4. Seeing my nieces and nephew

5. Taking a nap

6. Shopping on the crazy, Day After Thanksgiving

7. The long drive. Seriously.

8. Taking Baby Boy swimming

9. Having a cold drink on a cold night in my in-laws hot tub ... and recognizing that it's not the most responsible thing, I promise not to be alone.

10. Seeing my 96-year old grandmother

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mary Beth said...

For my first time ever, I am not going to have a traditional Thanksgiving! We are going to Guadalajara, Mexico for a vacation.

So I am looking forward to:

1) enjoying down time time my DH and DSS

2) waking up whenever I feel like it

3) eating a lot of Mexican food!

4) finishing my Christmas shopping at Tlaquepaque

5) the fact that our air and hotel was prepaid months ago

6) visiting the university where my DH studied before we met!

7) Mariachi music

8) rafting

9) Tequila factory tour!

10) Something completely different!