Thursday, December 15, 2005

Because it's good to remind myself

10 things that I like about "my church"

1. We have a fantastic music director who knocks my socks off

2. People genuinely seem to like each other (for the most part)

3. Change happens (slowly sometimes, but it happens)

4. My office is pretty

5. We have three people going to/applying to seminary right now

6. I can have a conversation with my colleague about church and about non-church things

7. It's not perfect

8. People smile when they come in the front door

9. I can be a little sassy with most folks

10. The people here know that they are children of God (if only because we tell them every week!)


Apostle John said...

You know, I love this post -- not for what you say, which is great by the way, but for what it inspires me to do. I've been thinking more of the ten things I hate about my job lately. I need the ten things I like!

see-through faith said...

Beautiful Reb :) I love it!

Pink Shoes said...

Exactly -- I'd been focusing far too much on what I don't like about my call/job, that I decided I needed to have a space where I acknowledged that some things are actually OK!

Caroline said...

Thanks for this. It reminds me of some of the reasons that I love my church as well.