Thursday, December 08, 2005

Calling all parents ... Help!

OK, the darling Baby Boy is almost 7 months old and about 2 months ago we introduced cereal to his diet. We haven't been real consistent, but it was going well.
He tried peas and sweet potatoes and seemed to like both until he threw up; we promptly discontinued that adventure.
Now he's refusing everything but me or a bottle -- he'll have 6 bites of cereal at daycare or a couple with me or none at all. He's gaining weight and growing and seems happy ... I'll admit it's me (and my husband) with the "what's wrong" complex.
Anyone else out there have a child who didn't like baby food (jarred or freshly pureed or frozen... I've tried fruits and veggies)and turned out just fine?


Kathryn said...

DarlingDaughter, now a blooming 18, survived for about a year solely on fromage frais.When she was tiny you were encouraged to introduce dairy products from 6 months,she went on really only wanting me till about 9 months and then would only eat jars of baby stewed apple and fromage frais...then just fromage frais...and fromage frais...and...
You get the picture. Later on, I began to sneak in the most extraordinary about strawberry fromage frais with added carrot puree? or more fromage frais with spinach?...or...
It got to me for a bit, but then as she was doing all the right things, I stopped worrying, and one day when she was nearly 20 months we were out at a pub and she stretched across the table and snatched a chip from her father's plate. And never looked back.
It'll be OK.
Honestly, it will x

Pink Shoes said...

Thanks, Kathryn. It helps just to hear someone say that it will be OK.

Songbird said...

Yes. He's almost 20 years old now. He didn't like solid food until he could eat it himself. Try giving him things he can pick up. We started with Cheerios. You wouldn't think a person could survive on breast milk and/or bottle supplemented by Cheerios, but he did. I remember cutting chicken into teeny, weeny little pieces. He loved to pick those up and eat them. Also cheese. But at first it was only Cheerios, which he gummed half to death.
He went on to be a slender preschooler, a chubby 3rd-grader, a downright fat middle-schooler and now a size medium, 5'8" young man. (He still likes Cheerios. And when he's home, we have to buy two gallons of milk at a time!)