Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Amazed and a Couple of Questions

Sometimes I'm absolutely thrilled with how much I can get done -- new shoes for and pictures of Baby Boy, a trip to the library, a trip to Costco, naps all around, laundry done... And other times, I'm completely shocked at how paralyzed I can be about simple tasks -- making phone calls and cleaning coffee cups (I did this at the office this morning -- yea me!) and mailing reminders and the list goes on.

My questions revolve around discernment for leaving a place -- those of you who have been through a call or two or six, how did you determine that it was time to go? And, is it possible for people to see someone with fresh eyes? As in, after nearly two years in a call, if some folks don't see me as a pastor, will they ever?



reverendmother said...

I can totally relate to the first paragraph. Sometimes I'm in the zone, other times I'm wading through pea soup.

I'm still in my first call, so I don't know when it's time to go. I would say that probably those who don't see you as pastor probably won't, but if they are few in number and relatively well-behaved, maybe that is OK?

Good luck!

Pink Shoes said...

Few in number and well-behaved... That might become my mantra!! Thanks!

net said...

I'm in my fourth appointment. The first two were for two years each while I was in seminary. My last appointment was for 13 years. In this appointment, I will have been here two years. I've been told - and I'm convinced that "real" ministry doesn't start until ater your third year. By that time, there is a trust level and you know where the cow patties are - both fresh and dried. Those first two appointments were wonderful because ministry happened - the congregations knew I was only there for a short time and they were so gracious and supportive! My last appointment was rocky for the first couple years, but after those relationships were established; they knew me and I knew them; I knew the church's history and their histories, it all came together. If you've read my blog, you'll know this appointment is a real stressor for me. I'm giving it two more years. If things haven't started turning around, then I'm not the pastor they need.

My advice - give it one more year and see what's happening then. If you're still questioning, then maybe it's time for a move. If not, then you'll be glad you stayed!


cheesehead said...

All the wisdom I have been able to glean says that the third year is the toughest. I begin my third year in a little less than one month from today. Yeah, I'm a little nervous about that, but also anxious to get the point where peole "stop beng polite and start getting real" as the kids at MTv say.

Kathryn said...

Lots of resonance with your first paragraph...I also find that the more I have to do, the more hope there is of getting something done. No pressure = no action as far as I'm concerned!
re moving on...no expertise to offer. We are placed in our first appointment, as curates,- a training post that is expected to last for a maximum of 4 years. After that the C of E seems to encourage moves around every 5/7 years, though some clergy sit tight far far longer. I'd definitely think that 2 years felt a bit short, though...Hope those who don't recognise you don't make life too difficult. It can be really painful, I know (ordination of women at all still an issue for some at the "high church" end of the C of E, and this is quite a "high" parish!)
Take care anyway x