Friday, May 05, 2006

He called me a secretary

And then an assistant pastor when I (gently) corrected him
But gave me home-made puff pastries with chocolate frosting and eclairs in return -- is it wrong to think, at least for the moment, that it wasn't such a bad trade? My goodness, I'm a sucker for a sweet.


Anonymous said...

do you think it's because you're a woman?

i've been reading your blog for a while & am intrigued by the whole female pastor thing. the denomination my church is a part of doesn't ordain women. sometimes i think they should.

his attempt at making amends sure seems decent... i think i'm going to go eat some chocolate.


Pink Shoes said...

Yeah, I think it's b/c I'm a woman -- that and the person (parishioner) who directed him down to the end of the hallway where both my office and the other pastor's office is, said, "Pastor's office is down there on the right" as if my office (straight at the end of the hall) contained some strange collection of books and not much else.

I would have been a lot less cordial had he not shared the pastries he was carrying!!

Thanks for the comment, Charlotte! Welcome.

juniper68 said...

Well, since it was a chocolate eclair, yes. Now, if it had just been a donut......


Hang in there.

Kathryn said...

Maybe there are advantages to being expected to wear a collar every working day after all. Glad he came bearing gifts, though!

Lorna said...

gifts are good
and attitudes will change - eventually

Revem said...

If we have to put up with the crap of assumptions almost always working against us a women ministers, then to have the trade off of an eclaire is a blessing from God. lol

Chocolate makes everything better.


Rhiannon said...

my theory --and I feel that there's got to be some liturgical background for it somewhere-- is that you take the eclair, poke him in the arm with your finger and run away.

or, if you want to do Rite One you could poke him with an incense stick.

(new to your blog, hello!)