Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Are you from the church?

So, I had to go to the police station the other day to file a report on behalf of the congregation's assistance fund indicating check forgery. The bank requires a police report to proceed with the fraud insurance bit.
When I arrived at the station, all gussied up in my clergy shirt, snazzy pants and cute jacket, I explained to the desk folks why I was there. The nice officer explained that someone would be with me in a minute and motioned to the benches across from the desk; I was the only one there.
When the officers came out to get me (different ones than before), the first brilliant question they asked me: Are you from the church?
No, I wear this get-up for kicks. Of course I'm from the church.
I'm usually a bit more understanding, but when someone alters a check that a church wrote for assistance to get more money I become cynical and tired.


Purechristianithink said...

So much for my theory that if I were part of a denomination in which clergy-collar shirts were standard garb, I wouldn't have to deal with this sort of crap.

Yesterday our office volunteer forwarded a call to me from someone wanting to talk with the pastor about one of our upcoming summer events. After five minutes of answering his questions and describing our plans in some detail he said, "I'd still really like a chance to talk to touch base with the pastor about this." GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

RevHRod said...

My favorite, "Is your husband a pastor too?" Like I could only do this if he was in on it! I love the fact that in the time we've been engaged and married I have been able to answer with "No, he works...

...part time at a liquor store.
...for Sears. an auto shop. a car salesman. pest control.

The pest control is his latest gig. It gets the most interesting looks. But I have to admit there were more than a few eyebrows when I lived in the Bible Belt and we were engaged. Back then he was going to school days and working at the liquor store in the evenings. Oh my!

Anonymous said...

You are a self confessed pastor. What is it like serving up this vile Cult of Aton myth about a non-existent ruling yet loving God? You do this as your life? Do you have no shame? Do you actually think 'Jesus' ever was real, and was a man in Israel? Do you know what Israel means? IS RA EL - Isis/Amen Ra/Saturn. How pointless can a human life be? You practice and perfect your violent ignorance as a job. So certain in this blood cult, you are willing to drag others into it - asking them to invoke an Egyptian deity (Amen) at the end of your faux prayers? Sickening lies, ignorance training and a sexual cult you know nothing of.

I'd prefer it if you just spent your time talking about pink shoes, it's about the level of your importance or ability.

Revem said...
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Revem said...

I am unsure whether the previous post is joke or a serious quest for understanding. If its a serious quest for understanding please leave you name so we can help enlighten you of our job.

In relation to response to me as a pastor I often get the question 'Is your husband a pastor' and I love the looks I get when I say 'No, he's a welder'

I often think of saying, "they are similar jobs, we both have to apply heat and force to change stubborn objects sometimes." But I am yet to make that statement publicly