Thursday, January 04, 2007


Nearly a year ago, I confessed to loving magazines and several of you weighed in on your own reading habits and gave several good suggestions. One of the delights that I indulged upon the other day was to purchase a number of magazines that we don't subscribe to, and lazily leaf my way through them. Some were art, some were reading, some were trivia and collections. All were wonderful.

I'm in the process of compiling a list, but wonder what magazine(s) you'd add to it -- what do you look forward to every week, two weeks, month. What do you guiltily purchase at the checkout stand? What do you savor, night after night? What magazines do you save, long after you've read them -- simply because they're too pretty, full of inspiration, might be useful, someday?

Look for list coming soon!


ppb said...

You are rubbing off on me, you know that---i just subscribed to a couple, and it's addictive.

Pink Shoes said...

Fabulous... What will you be getting?

Anonymous said...

the only one i get in the mail is the Christian Century...but Cosmopolitan sometimes makes this strange hop from the grocery checkout to my cart...i don't know how it happens...but i don't complain as i read the made-up confessions and enjoy the hideous new clothing and makeup styles. it gives me a laugh...

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to Christian Century and I'm about to renew my The Whittenburg Door subscription. If the don't know "The Door," it's well worth your time,if you like to laugh. It's a religious satire magazine put out by some folks in TX. They say, "We love Jesus Christ, but hate what some people do in his name.' They've been instrumental in exposing people like Benny Hinn and Robert Tilton.

I also like Glamour from time to time to see what and who got the "black bar" in the Do's and Don'ts section!

zorra said...

We subscribe to:
Atlantic Monthly
Cook's Illustrated
Bon Appetit
Books & Culture
Oxford American
National Geographic

I love them all. Most of them are eventually recycled, but I can't part with Cook's Illustrated because of the beautiful illustrations and the useful cooking tips. There's usually a great short story or two that keeps me from tossing the Oxford American, too. And does anyone ever get rid of National Geographics?

When I'm in an airport about to go somewhere, I usually buy Conde Nast Traveler or Travel and Leisure, and Southern Living. I used to buy Bon Appetit too, until I finally subscribed to it!

PPB said...

Oy....well, I already get
Christian Century and
Image, and

I've just picked up:
Poets and Writers
The Sun
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Mental Floss
Redbook (it was free because I drink too much diet coke)
O home magazine (ditto)

And I just ordered sample copies of Pulpit Resource, Lectern Resource, Awake, and one other by the same publisher, I'm forgetting it. I expect I'll only subscribe to either Pulpit Resource or Lectern Resource.

I admit, though, I'm secretly hankering after a copy of O. Go ahead. Take away my Masters degree. I cannot subscribe to both Redbook AND O. Luckily, O isn't on the list of free magazines for people who drink way too much diet coke.

Pink Shoes said...

free magazines for drinking diet coke..... do tell!!!

Anonymous said...

O always draws me in, when I get a chance to read it.

I don't have all that much to add since the last time I gushed about magazines. I thought I renewed CC, but it's been so long since it's shown up in my mailbox that I'm doubtful.

Well... I do have a new magazine. When Budget Living folded, I was SO TICKED that my subscription was being transferred to Good Housekeeping, especially since my friend who also received BL was transferred to the Marie Claire list. But then I actually started reading Good Housekeeping, and even though I nearly hurl when I get to the heartwearming story (there is always a heartwarming story, and I am DEFINITELY ALLERGIC), I really like their realistic housekeeping tips and recipes and so forth. I blogged about this awhile ago, commenting that when I went to Kmart to check out a skirt I'd seen in GH, it was a sign that I'd entered a new demographic. Tee hee.

Cathy said...

I like:
Southern Living
Mental Floss
Taste of Home

Melissa said...

I love Real Simple. Of all the magazines I subscribe to or pick up in a fit of weakness in the grocery line, Real Simple is the only one I reread; file articles; research ideas and keep for their beautiful coffee-table aesthetics.


St. Inuksuk said...

We subscribe to:
Presbys Today
The Lutheran
Reader's Digest

Sometimes I get O which i did subscribe to at one point.
But, I always look forward to RD, the jokes and Wordpower.

Mary Beth said...

Check out Bust and Geez.

Just subscribed to Good: Media for People who Give a Damn. They donate your entire subscription price to a charity of your choice. I'm looking forward to it.

I also get The Living Church, a weird little independent Episcopal mag, plus Christian Century, Weight Watchers.

Have just cancelled Real Simple. Seems to me it has gotten Real Complicated here lately.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm boring. I get Christian Century and Presbys Today. I only get the second because the church provides it to all members.

But, I will confess that I love to buy and read crappy (much crappier than O!!!) magazines whenever I fly. I always find myself in the newstand thinking, "You know, I really am interested in Brad and Angelina's latest adventure." Once I'm out of the airport, my head clears and I usually feel silly for my purchase.

Mrs. M said...

We subscribe to Real Simple and Food and Wine, both of which I really enjoy. I'm also a sucker for Victoria, because it's just lovely.

hipastorzwife2B said...

I get Family Fun & Rachel Ray and Real Simple occaisionally. Since I work here at the library I take a different magazine to lunch with me...I never miss Southern Living or Atlantic.
Oh, and my mom saves up all her Coastal Livings from the year and brings them to the beach in the summer so we can read them at the coast!

katie said...

i love real simple, and save them and cherish their lovely covers and clean, crisp pages, full of ideas and hints that will give me a better and more fulfilling life, if i could only remember the myriad uses for vinegar in that one issue.... i also get youth worker journal and journal for student ministries, which i save because i am a pack rat. i guiltily subscribe to marie claire (also save those, i'm terrible).

Bad Alice said...

I love Real Simple and was overjoyed to find that I can request individual issues from the library and take them home. Wahoo! I sometimes go wild and buy Paste, which is pretty expensive but it has a CD. I also enjoy a lot of women's mags I swore I would never ever purchase: Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Redbook. Ack, I'm turning into my mom.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog, but since you requested comments on Church for Starving Artists (sorry, I don't know how to link!) I thought I would pop over.

Right now our subscribed magazines are Parenting, Baby Center, Time and Rachel Ray the Magazine. (i.e. baby, baby, reading and food!) Needless to say, we're soon-to-be parents.

When we fly I always pick up a sports magazine so that other guys think I'm manly, and secretly read O or Cosmo that I have bought for my wife!

Pink Shoes said...

Thanks for stopping by, Rob -- Welcome! I love that you pick up a sports mag -- I often read my husband's ESPN!

Jiff said...

I'm a friend of Jan's at A Church for Starving Artists, and love your blog, too!
I subscribe to Home Companion, Christian Century, Real Simple, O, Sojourners, Presbyterians Today, Poets and Writers, and the New Yorker.
Thanks for asking!!

Anonymous said...

Pink Shoes - I forgot I also read Harper's but they are way too serious much of the time. And Teen Vogue and Seventeen come into this house, but I don't read them (or "get to" read them, as they are hidden away up in daughter's room as if they contain the secrets of the teen universe. I suppose they do.)

At the cash register line, I sometimes pick up Washingtonian, especially if it's the Best Cheap Restaurants issue.

Thanks for a fun post!

Pink Shoes said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jiff -- come back soon!
And thanks for the reading recommendations; I'm sensing great camraderie among these readers!

Anonymous said...

oohhh....bust is so good! bust and sojourners on are my wanted list but we really get:

family fun
reader's digest
full moon (great for girls 8-14, written for girls, by girls, no ads, similiar to a jr. ms. if there was one)

i do read o every time i sit in the shrink's office--it's so pretty!

divine cupcake said...

Oh man, I love mags...

these are the ones I get: Christian Century (for the dorky minister in me), the New Yorker (don't usually get through most of it), Newsweek (good for current events and sermon illustrations), and I will soon be getting Lucky a magazine for shoppers (free with an Amazon purchase).

but i also shamelessly read those "bad" magazines like People, US Weekly, etc as I work out at the gym.