Thursday, January 26, 2006

Magazine Meme

Based on my post below, I'm curious about your magazine reading habits --

Do you read magazines?

Do you keep them once you've read them? Recycle them? Donate them to the library or a resale shop?

What do you read that you recommend to others?

Do you read denomination or craft or vocation-specific magazines?

Where do you get them? Do you subscribe? Read them at the library? Buy them at the newstand or bookstore?

Oooo... Maybe I'll discover a new magazine.... I can hardly wait!


Katherine said...

I LOVE magazines. Used to be a campus feminist magazine editor. And I miss it.

I read:
Christian Century
Disciple World (denominational)
Simple Scrapbooks (my sister contributes)
Domino (I love pretty design)
Budget Living
Paste (this you know ;-)

I think that's it for subscriptions. I have subscribed to many mags in the past: B*tch, Bust, Utne, Sojourners, The Other Side (best mag ever, went under), etc. My passion for magazines started with Sassy, which I loved immensely until it was bought out by Teen. It was a darn good magazine; they're the ones who got me into good music and Sylvia Plath.

reverendmother said...

I love magazines. All the ones I read I subscribe to, and I recycle them when I'm done, except Brain, Child and Natl Geographic. I'm tempted to get rid of the latter because we have 10+ years worth and they are available on CD ROM, but they are such treasures.

New Yorker
National Geographic
Christian Century
Brain, Child (a great, smart magazine about parenting)
Wired (mainly my husband's)
Presbyterians Today and Presbyterian Outlook

I too miss The Other Side. What a wonderful magazine. I loved the "At the Well" feature. I also used to get Ms.

Pink Shoes said...

Ah, kindred spirits, all. I love Brain, Child (convinced my local library to subscribe) and miss The Other Side... can't figure out Zion's Herald, with which they're filling my remaining subscription... I've also gotten Ms. and B*tch and Utne

Katherine said...

I got Brain, Child for my sister, and she loves it, too. I haven't actually seen the mag, as I think we picked it out of the Utne ads. I'm glad it has such a following.

I still love B*tch, although I have to say it was mighty embarrassing to receive an issue with a big, um, toy on the back cover when we lived on the seminary campus. I never did know which classmate sorted the mail that day...

Sally said...

Here in the uk I get several magazines including:

& New Scientist - my daughters really but I often read it!

Also various other mags from time to time as the cover takes me!!!

Mags keep me in touch ...then I feel guilty for reading them...then I stop feeling guilty and remember I am human!

Mary Beth said...

I read:
The Living Church
Real Simple
Oprah (sometimes)
Geez (a new one)
Natl Geographic

Katherine said...

I do occasionally buy mags off the stand. I've tapered off purchases of Shape and Fitness; they no longer seem to work as exercise inspiration. Every time I buy a women's glossy I end up regretting it, because they are invariably more insipid than I remembered. Although I did recently enjoy a copy of Glamour, bought because it covered women bloggers (and in particular Dooce, a blog that never fails to crack me up). It was the year-end fashion faux pas edition, and even though I fit right into those pages, I still kind of enjoy their snarky commentary.

One that I didn't notice on anyone's list but is totally worth the cover price is The Sun. I've never actually gotten the magazine, but I have one of their collected essay volumes, and it is just about the best new writing out there. Image Journal is good, too.

Emily said...

I subscribe to:

Christian Century
Sports Illustrated (yes, that's mine)
I will also pick up when travelling: Time, the Economist, Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, New Yorker, Wired. . .
Recently cancelled subscriptions due to budgetary tightening: The Living Church (Episcopal), Bon Appetit, Cooks' Illustrated
Um, there's the knitting thing. . .I browse and pick up the mags if I like a few of the patterns. . .
I recycle or pass on, clip recipes, and save the knit mags.

cheesehead said...

Hello, My name is cheesehead, and I'm a magazine-holic...

Here it is:

Utne (Subscribe)
Mother Jones (S)
Sun (S) (Katherine is right about this one)
Gourmet (S)
Bon Apetit) (S)
Food and Wine (S)
Working Mother (S)
More (S)
Wired (S)
National Geographic (S)
Oprah (S)
Jane (once in a while)
Bust (once in a while)
B*tch (once in a while)
People (in waiting rooms)
Entertainment Weekly (in waiting rooms)

Kathryn said...

I feel that I must be missing out here...I dont subscribe to any mags at all. Used to get Third Way,but found it was just appearing too often, and I'd often not read right through one issue before the next arrived. The same applies to National Geographic, which my husband took for years and years, till we realised we just we're reading it all.
I love what I see online of Christian Century, but don't think there is a UK equivalent...So, I guess I have to live with deprivation ;-)