Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Scheduled Outage and Organization

When I logged into blogger just now it told me about a scheduled outage that they're having. Clearly I wasn't going to blog about that, as I didn't know about it.

However, as I blow my nose and rub my eyes, I desperately wish that I could schedule my outages. After being sick for what feels like all of January, I'm tired of outages. This feels like a pretty standard "common cold" but still crummy.

In my quest to be more organized this year, I've been doing some reading on simplifying and organizing. Funny, isn't it, that instead of doing it, I'm reading about doing it. Ah, yes.

Someone recommended paring down the magazine subscriptions that one gets. Of all the horrifying suggestions that I've read, this maybe takes the cake. It's true that I don't read everything that we get, but I can't imagine not getting them. There are two that I will let lapse this next year. One because in all the years I've gotten a certain cooking magazine, I've only once made one of the light recipes that they tout -- and then I added extra goat cheese to the recipe, so it probably didn't negated everything. And, the other because I feel bad when I read it and it seems that there's enough things in my life that make me feel bad.

So, with that, I'm off to read Real Simple at lunch. Cheers.

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Apostle John said...

Oh yes -- cutting down on magazines is NOT a good idea for me either :)