Thursday, January 05, 2006


It's been a really long time since I've been as sick as I was this week.

I hope that it's a long time before it happens again.

I don't dare to venture that I'm 100% yet, but I'm back to work, for at least part of the day. And it doesn't hurt to swallow anymore.

These are all good things.
Thanks to all for the well wishes. I'm on the mend.


Katherine said...

How awful that you were so sick! That seems to be the trend around here. The whole household of relatives we visited post-Christmas were down with a nasty weeklong flu virus (stomach and respiratory). We left early, only to return to a bunch of sick folks here in CA. Ben and I have remained healthy, though I'm about to bruise my knuckles from knocking on wood so heartily.

Hope you continue to recover.

see-through faith said...

on the mend

sounds good!!

blessings :)