Thursday, January 19, 2006

And sometimes I don't

love the people whom I serve.

I thought about posting this last night, but I was still steaming -- after venting to my Dear Colleague and later to my Dear Husband. Nearly 24 hours later, I'm not really steaming anymore and can sort of laugh it off (until it happens again) but I'm not ready to let it go, so I'll post it here...

Context: It's late afternoon and I'm in my office at the end of the hallway. My colleague's office is next to mine, but he's not in it. I'm finishing up a few things and mentally preparing to transition to two back-to-back off-site meetings.

I hear someone coming down the hall and welcome the distraction. Sweet Liza (not her real name), whose daughter is a pastor, sticks her head in my office and then in Dear Colleague's office and then back in mine says,

"I thought I saw the pastor come down here, but I guess not. Maybe you can help me..."

Even just writing it down makes me get a little bubbly around the edges, because evidently in this context you have to be over 60 and A MAN to be a PASTOR... For the record, it'll be ANOTHER 30 years before I think about hitting 60 and I'll NEVER be a MAN....

Her request?

Whether or not the nursery could use a play-pen. Clearly she needed to talk to The Pastor.

Where was The Pastor during this exchange?

In the kitchen.

That part makes me smile.


cheesehead said...

That would stick in my craw!

RuthRE said...

ooooooh, if i were a parishoner nearby at the time....idda set her straight! :)

Hermeneuticland said...

I know how that one feels. And, quite frankly, it completely stinks. Worst part is, people usually have no idea how they sound... ugh.

St. Casserole said...

oh yeah, been through this, too.

RevHRod said...

I found that it helps to say, "Which pastor were you looking for? Pastor Blah-blah is down the hall. But I'd be glad to help you if can."

It's amazing how often the person says, "Oops!" and apologizes.