Friday, January 20, 2006

Five Pleasures of My Life

In no particular order -- and clearly not the only pleasures in my life!

1. Nice pens. I just bought some new ones this morning and they're dreamy -- Colored Foray roller tips (pink, orange, green, purple, etc.) and more serviceable Pilot Precise v5s in blue, black, red, but also purple and green with a bonus Pilot PreciseGrip pen.

2. A massage or a massage chair pedicure. Enough said. It's been far too long.

3. Joseph Schmidt truffles. The perfect gift when boxed.

4. A flight of wine with cheese.

5. A quick-read book from the library


Songbird said...

Massage is on so many of our lists!

Hermeneuticland said...

Be careful with the pedicures, though! I was watching a news brief the other day that warned about the cleaning of the pedicure spa chairs. If the tubs are not cleaned correctly, there is a chance that a flesh-eating bacteria will leave massive scarring on your legs! (Scared me to death...and I love pedicures. So, I would ask about their cleaning if I were you...)

I know that's scary, but I am just trying to watch out for all my friends, even the blog ones!

Katherine said...

Oooh, if you're a pen lover, do invest in a fountain pen. Even the cheap ones are delightful. Since I developed tendonitis in seminary (taking too many notes will do that- darn those fascinating professors!), they're too heavy for me. But I do miss them so.