Friday, January 13, 2006

Travelin' Five

Edited to provide some rationale and changed to be able to provide the reasoning without giving up some anonymity.

In no particular order, five places that I've been that have been important to me...

1. Bountiful, Utah -- because I was lost.

2. Norway -- because it forced me to get a passport, which needs renewing this year.

3. Honolulu -- because it made me feel glamorous. Until I got so sunburnt on my backside the day before I left that it hurt to sit down for the entire flight home. And it's a long flight from Hawaii to the midwest.

4. Lewiston, Maine -- because it was to see a boy who was a summer fling who should have stayed a summer fling.

5. San Juan Capistrano, CA -- because it was to see a boy who wasn't a summer fling but maybe should have been.

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