Monday, December 24, 2007

And the sun shone brightly around....

A list of lovelies...

A quiet house
Wonderful choir
Candles to light
Reports that are done
People who care
Forgiveness for those who don't
Gentleness for my soul
Thematic stockings
Anticipation for gifts
Goopy frosting on cookies
Friends, wine, laughter
A napping child
Suitcases packed
Loved ones no longer with us
Simple delights
Reading lights for the car
Paid bills
Gracious spirits
Purring kittens
Butter, real, organic
Red toenails
Tears close to the surface


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

what a wonderful list of lovelies... may travel be safe, slumber be sweet, and the rest of the week soothing!

juniper68 said...

and I would add your blog to the list. Merry Christmas, you.

Kathryn said...

Safe journey - and thank you for a lovely list x

Sue said...

This is a lovely list. Happy Christmas to you and yours.