Friday, January 04, 2008

K1, P1

Days since learning (again) how to k1: 7
Scarves completed: 5
Unfinished Projects from High School Completed: 1
K2, P2 swatches successfully completed: 1
K2, P2 swatches unraveled in frustration: countless
Emotion after discovering a yarn sale: elated
Projects on needles: 2
Most excited about: striped hat


P.S. an after-thought said...

Enjoy the process as a means of relaxation. You'll get more out of this than just "finished a piece."

more cows than people said...

Woohoo!!!!! Yay!!! Enjoy!

I took a long knitting break in the fall, but picked it up again the week after Christmas.

You must be a fast knitter. That is a short time in which to complete 5 scarves!

Katherine said...

Oh, I was a complete lunatic when I first learned how. Couldn't stop. I still love it, though I'm continually dogged by unfinished objects.

My favorite knitting books are Stitch & Bitch and Mason Dixon Knitting. Oh, and there is a marvelous lace pattern in Mindful Knitting. You could totally do lace, though there is a LOT of anguished ripping out in that project, for sure.


Pink Shoes said...

My Christmas gift from DH included S&B and a starter kit, so I'll have to look for Mason Dixon Knitting....

MC -- It helps that in the past week I've been on vacation at my childhood home and we've driven close to 750 miles, none of which I've actually driven.