Friday, January 11, 2008

Nuts, oh nuts!

I like them just fine. Usually.
I'm not a fan of walnuts, especially in my brownies or any other baked good.
Cashews are a personal favorite.
Pecans are OK.
Peanuts seem sort of boring and ordinary, but I tolerate them.
Macadamias covered in chocolate or roasted slightly and salty. Yeah. That's good.

But recently? I can't get over the sense that I might be developing an allergy.

I have very little experience with allergies of any kind and feel fortunate that's the case. We're not a family known for food allergies -- on either side, extended or compact. In fact we like most foods, and will even on occasion eat those we don't like just so they don't feel left out. Except my mom has noted that she can't eat nuts, either. And that it used to just be walnuts, but recently it's other nuts, too.

So recently when I've eaten a nut, or it's been in something, and my mouth feels all tingly, I have to wonder if that's just not right. I'm not breaking out into hives, I'm not developing any visible reaction, I don't feel sick. Tingly is about the best I can come up with -- oh, and it doesn't go away right away.

I was hoping it was just walnuts, but the peanuts the other evening in the mix, and the macadamia nut cookie today.... well, yeah. There's that feeling.

Thoughts? Similar experiences? Or, am I just..... ;)


post-doc said...

I'm also a big fan of cashews. And am eagerly anticipating a care package from a friend in Hawaii that will certainly include chocolate covered macadamias.

I don't know about allergies though. Tingling doesn't sound good though. My family gets terrible stomach cramps when eating something that is non-ideal for our systems though. (Not that this knowledge helps you at all, but it's all I have.)

P.S. an after-thought said...

I have a doctor friend who has severe allergies. I made him some food one time. With one bite, he could tell in his mouth that it didn't feel right, so he went to the hospital ER before more symptoms developed.

I'd say, don't mess around with this. Avoid foods that do this until you can ask your doctor about it.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

listen to your body...
ask your doc...

and food allergies arise even when we didn't have them in younger days. i wasn't allergic to seafood but then wham! now i am... or even if a lazy restuarant fries their fish in the same oil as the fries... i'm sick.

and no this does not make you nuts. (hee hee)

Ringelstruempfe said...

Sounds like you're starting an allergy. Please be careful and talk to your doc. Those things get worse with more exposure.

"imagine the darkness in love with the light." said...

yes it does wound that way...but also peanuts should not be the same. try some peanut that weren't in a jar with other could be the oil from the other nuts getting on the peanuts. because peanuts are not tree nuts. nor are they really nuts. they are legumes. but yes see your doc about it.

Susie/Nueva Cantora said...

I think there is a chemical in walnuts skins or something that does that to a lot of people - so it may also be that these were not "peeled" enough. DEFINTELY ask your doctor - I've developed food allergies as an adult. They ain't fun.

RevHRod said...

I have a friend who developed nut allergies when she was well past your age. I'd talk to the docs. After all, it will give you a chance to try out your brand new insurance card!

Pink Shoes said...

*sigh* I've been living so blissfully allergy free that this sort of annoys me.
I know I have to be cautious, and will certainly get it checked out.

Crimson Rambler said...

Amen and Ditto to susie's comment; I can tolerate everything except walnuts, and then, if they're fresh, I'm ok...but otherwise, not so much tingly as a SORE tongue, ugh.

LadyBurg said...

My mouth "itches" (especially back in my ears) when I eat walnuts but not all the time. I guess you should be careful but I gotta be honest and say I've never worried too much. Its not consistent for me so I'm not 100% sure what is going on.