Sunday, January 27, 2008

Did something

Today I was confronted with something I did wrong. It was valid, which makes it suck even more. But I owned up, apologized, and tried to move along. Several hours later, I've clearly not moved on. 
Tonight I  was confronted with something that I did right, couched in a way that made me feel like I did something wrong, or that there was no possible way that I even might have done the right thing. 
For the record? I did. the. right. thing. 
And I wonder why I have authority issues. 


Amy said...

For me, this is the hardest part of ministry - that some right actions are not what people want.

And, I also hate it when I do something wrong - particularly as pastor.

Your post touched a nerve...(which in this case is the right thing).

more cows than people said...


i don't know if i did a wrong thing, but i have a parishioner who certainly thinks i did, but as he keeps sending passive aggressive e-mails that are vague and confusing, claiming he is "dropping it", i don't think i'll ever know.

i do know that i have handled the follow up VERY right and yet he doesn't seem to think so.


i have a really hard time when i really do make a mistake. takes me hours to let it go.

love to you.

Mrs. M said...

The last time I saw my spiritual director, she said, "Is having issues with authority really a bad thing? Is it really a problem?"

You're in my prayers.

LadyBurg said...

Ugh. Why is it always so complicated? Here's to doing the right thing even when people think it isn't and to owning our mistakes. You go!

Ruth said...

Mrs. M, I think I love your spiritual director. Because I know two things: 1. women have more difficulty exerting their proper authority, 2. men have more difficulty with over-exerting their proper authority. So a woman's challenge is to grow into, to stretch, always a good pain, not a bad thing. Never a "done" thing, just an "always growing in the Spirit into who God made me" thing.