Monday, March 06, 2006

Do it well

If you haven't already seen it or read it, there's a pretty good article in the most recent (March 2006) issue of Sojourner's about church music. I've gone back to it a couple of times and it speaks to me.

When I interviewed for my current call they asked me a question about my musical style. I responded by saying that whatever you do, do it well -- and be authentic about who you are. Experiment, certainly. Try new things, certainly. But I gravitate toward music that's done well. They might have thought I was dodging the question, which I was to a certain extent, but ultimately I spoke my truth.

I'm not looking to debate church music or worship style. I'm just starting to rearticulate what I think about how worship should be -- taste, sound, smell, look, experience. With our whole bodies, we should praise the Lord.

More to come.

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Caroline said...

Doug Pagitt has a book called "Body Prayer" that you might enjoy.