Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy birthday?

Strangest birthday greeting I've maybe ever received... from the dealership where we bought our most recent car (last fall):

"Please remember to call me if you have any questions regarding any of your vehicle needs. For that matter, call for any reason, after all, it is your birthday!"

How very, very strange and unexpected.

Oh, well, thanks CarGuy!


St. Casserole said...

Oh yeah. Call him/her and begin telling him/her your personal problems. Ask for help. Use the personal problems of your favorite television character. Make it good.

Tell him/her that your family is hoping he/she can come to dinner sometime soon.

(I really do not like for sales people to pretend to be my best friend. yuk.)

And, Happy Birthday to you!

RuthRE said...

DOH! Happy Day to you!

I think I will start celebrating my half-birthday's St. Patrick's Day!