Saturday, March 04, 2006

Serious and not so much

Things that in and of themselves could be whole posts for me:

At what point do I start looking "old enough" to be a pastor?

We are out of redi-whip. Completely. Out. Of. Redi-whip. Fortunately there was enough for my ice cream tonight.

I never expected that I would ever change a diaper on my office floor and subsequently end up with baby poop all over.

You know those nights when you hoped that whatever you hadn't learned all semester would magically enter your brain for the test tomorrow? I'm hoping that my sermon enters my mind tonight while I'm asleep... because it has successfully avoided it while awake.

Good night.


Songbird said...

If only we had known your predicament, will smama and I would have been glad to invite you to our No Sermon Yet party. I really think we need a RevGals chat group, or something like that, for the desperate Saturday nights.

SingingOwl said...

Agreed! I had the same trouble, but it did come together, sort of, early Sunday a.m. How did you do?

Pink Shoes said...

My sermon came together -- with bits and pieces of what I used three years ago. :)