Monday, July 31, 2006

Take two

Ok, so I tried to post an uplifting, get myself out of the grumps post earlier -- even a list of things I was thankful for or things that had made me laugh today. It didn't work. My post sounded, er was, whine-filled (you know I hate to whine) and trying to write it made me (even more) crabby. But I'm back again, for take two.
In the meantime I went to the big super-used-to-only-be-fabric-store that now sells among other things, cameras and scanners and printers, oh my! I did not go there for fabric, mind you, but I also was not expecting to have the option of buying a scanner. But I digress.

Things that remind me it's not all bad:
1. I have a really pretty planner. Even if it's full of too many things to do, the pages are still fun to look at.

2. I am surrounded by an amazing group of people who help me (and my husband) to parent, including but in no way limited to: the people at day care who might just love my kid as much as I do; our pediatricians who always act delighted to see him, for routine check-ups and for the "Um, what are these spots on his feet?" visits; and the multitude of doting folks at our respective congregations who have loved him since, well, probably since we announced that we were expecting.

3. Friends who tell me that, actually, it really is *that* bad and it's OK that I'm tired and crabby and then they go on to validate the many and various reasons that I might be feeling overwhelmed and tired ... and then they make me a drink.

All of this to say that I can almost guarantee that at some point tomorrow I'll feel like resigning my call once again, as I did earlier today. And, to be honest, part of me thinks that knowing that's always an option (though not always a good one) is what's really getting me through. Cheers!


revabi said...

Oh you always have the option. But please don't who else is going to wear pink shoes in the pulpit?

Hang in there. I am sorry it is such a hard time right now for you. And sometimes when it is like that it is hard to be positive. Hope it gets better. Prayers for you.

"imagine the darkness in love with the light." said...

yes i concut with revabi. that it will it bettet. plus i'm not a pink person.

"imagine the darkness in love with the light." said...

concur not concut sorry about the mispelling. ^^;;

Carolanne said...

Where did you get such a pretty planner from?
I think being surrounded by family and friends who love you and love your children helps more than we ever can imagine.
A day like you've had deserves some chocolate - do you have any???? I'd share some of mine but the weather you've been having lately might make it melt!

Pink Shoes said...

Thanks, folks -- I know this, too, shall pass. But for now... well, Carolanne, if you could pass the chocolate, that'd be great!
The planner is a Franklin Covey, Her P.O.V., pages. :)

RuthRE said...

as in a chocolate mudslide? :)

I know a good call in new england....