Friday, August 25, 2006

Decidedly fun and un-whine-y

That's what I want to be when I grow up. Decidedly fun and un-whine-y.

I took Oldest Niece to a science museum a few years ago. She was probably six. I'm trying to remember what summer it was. Maybe she was five. Regardless. At one point I told her in a sing-songy happy voice after she refused to pose cutely for a picture that there would be no whining on this outing. But I'm not whining, she protested. And then I realized that it really was just time to go and that we'd done all we could do for her attention span. If only I could recognize that moment for myself.

So, without further ado, here are some things that, for me, are decidedly fun and un-whine-y:

Shoes. Cute ones that complete my outfit and only occasionally scream, "Hey -- look at my shoes!" It helps if they're pink, clearly, but I will consider other colors. Today's were blue patent and conservative enough to be sold at Talbot's.

Gin martinis. Extra dry (just wave the vermouth around, if you would, please). Lots of olives.

A really great joke told by a masterful storyteller. My dad is good, and even better, he will laugh at a joke so hard that his shoulders shake and tears run out of his eyes.

Baseball. Really. I love to watch the game and know enough about it to watch it intently, with only the occasional question to my darling. We caught a minor league game while on vacation and that just does this girl good.

Turning up some trashy dance music in my car and pretending that I'm not a pastor, or at least am not on my way to conduct worship at the nursing home.

Hanging out with friends. Really good friends. You know, the kind you can just relax and be yourself around and there's good conversation about a random assortment of things and they're smart and funny and think the same of you.

Playing cards. It's especially great if that can be combined with the above, but if the friends aren't the best, you can concentrate on your cards. Or have another martini.

I know that there are many other things, some more nostalgic and sweet than fun: my DH (usually!), my gorgeous baby boy who giggled in his sleep last night as I held him in the middle of the night, coming across my grandmother's recipe for cookies and remembering her kitchen and the crisp white-and-red curtains.

What is decidedly fun for you? What un-whines you?


ppb said...

I love the trashy dance music!

Revem said...

Oh my heart melts, baby smiling in sleep, does it get any better.

I also love loud trashy music and singing in the car.

Movies, parties, holidays, also fun


St. Inuksuk said...

I'm with you on the trashy music!!!
Sometimes, I've even felt a bit guilty on my way to visits.
I did have the radio on after a hospital visit with a parishioner who rallied before dying the next day. All his family were with him and it was just so beautiful for him to communicate with everyone.
As soon as I exited the hospital parking lot, "Spirit in the Sky" came on, spooky, huh? But it seemed to fit so well.

Mrs. M said...

This makes you sound like such a fun person to hang out with.

Pink Shoes said...

Why thank you, Mrs. M!
And I'm sensing a trashy dance music post in which I call forth my readers to contribute to my listening ...

revabi said...

I think you are funny. Hey go dancing. go barefoot. Play with that kid of yours.