Wednesday, August 09, 2006


The following exchange happened at last night's Council meeting.
After I was patronized.
Before I cried.
After we'd already been meeting for longer than I thought we would in entirety.
Before I waxed poetic on the calling of chaplains.

President: Why would someone want to be a hospital chaplain?
Me: Um, no night meetings?


reverendmother said...


ohmygod there are SO many reasons to want to be a chaplain. As stressful as my experience was at times, there was something so wonderful about handing that pager over to the next chaplain at the end of my shift and knowing that I was DONE--and knowing that as a pastor, that moment does not ever really exist.

cheesehead said...


Songbird said...

Aw, Pink Shoes.

RevHRod said...

Why would you want to leave the parish to do this!?!?! Having been asked about my "specialized call" this way- I usually want to say, "Call me when you've been in the parish for ten years. I think you may know the answer then."