Saturday, August 12, 2006


We leave tomorrow afternoon.

I'm not even close to being ready for worship tonight, let alone to be gone for ten days.

Packed? My mom asked. She should know better. HA!

This will probably be my last post for awhile -- the connection where I'll be is s-l-o-w. And the house will be full with kids and their parents and our parents.

Oh! And, it's been a year since I've started blogging -- August 11, according to the archives. The date sort of came and went in the midst of this past week's chaos, but it's still good to be here. If my blog is a journal, this is by far the longest stretch of consistent writing.

Now I should really take advantage of this time while the kidlet is napping; at the very least I should bathe.


peripateticpolarbear said...

You're going to your parents? This is my pack for parents house method: gather up all your dirty clothes. Put in duffel bag. Gather all the shoes sittings around on the floor. Put in duffle bag.
pack a day's worth of clean clothes, and you're good to go! No sense in making little outfits....all your outfits are forgotten socks or shirts.

Happy vacation!

Sue said...

Happy Blogversary!!

Have a wonderful vacation too.

juniper68 said...

have a great time - I'll wave to you when I fly over.... :)

Revem said...

Congrats on your Blogiversary. It's strange I have also struggled with journalling but have no issue blogging.

I read an explanation for this and that is, blogging is an extroverts journal. It is interactive where as a 'normal' journal is never read or interacted with by others so why bother.

Congrats again