Saturday, June 17, 2006

10 Things

I leave tomorrow for camp. It's a pretty good set-up in that I'll be working the whole week, but will also have large chunks of time to myself and won't actually be sharing a cabin with any kidlets. It's still a week away from my family, though, which I'm not thrilled about.

However ... here are 10 random (or not-so random) things that I've been thinking about -- comment while I'm away and keep leaving your music suggestions below!

1. I'd much rather eat ice cream for dinner (or breakfast or lunch for that matter) and leave the "real" food to someone else. Left to my own devices I did just that often and it worked out just fine.

2. My husband will watch just about any sporting event. He has his favorites, but in a pinch, he'll watch absolutely anything. Happy Father's Day!

3. This is the first June that I've worked as a pastor, even though I've been ordained for over two years. It's almost over and boy, am I glad.

4. I'm a really bad packer. Which reminds me that I still need to do that.

5. For a moment today I really loved this calling. That's more than it's been lately and for that moment I was glad to get a glimpse back at why I do this.

6. Sassy, not crabby. That's my hope for the coming week.

7. My family is burying my grandmother this week. The ground was too wet in April when she died. They're also cleaning out the farmhouse. I'm devastated that I'm not able to be there with them.

8. While I've established my husband's sports-watching tendencies, I'll admit that I was the only woman in the room at the bar watching the first US game of the World Cup on Monday, and I know who's playing for the Stanley Cup, which game of the series it is and where they'll play next, if necessary. It "helps" that the baseball teams that I cheer for aren't so good -- therefore necessitating interest in other sports...

9. I'll miss this little guy this week.

10. I have no idea where those curls came from, but I love them and everything else about him. (Well, except that screaming thing that he does occasionally and the stinky diapers aren't so fabulous either, but other than that...!)


P.S. (an after-thought) said...

Our pastor is doing a camp week this week too, and for a moment, I was thinking the two of you would be at the same camp. But our pastor will sleep in the parsonage at night.

RevHRod said...

I've been to the camp, Pink Shoes! One year I delighted in the fact that I had enough time of my own to read 12 books. (None a classic or tough read.) I also took several much needed naps and recovered from an ear infection.

While it is hard to be away from loved ones, enjoy the pleasures of the Lake!

Kristen said...

I can't stop listening to Jack Johnson and Jamie Coullum these days!

RevHRod said...

Missed you this week, Pink Shoes! Hope the lake treated you nice!

RevHRod said...

P.s. Every time I look at the photo of your boy's ear I have an ache for when Sodachick was that size.