Friday, June 23, 2006


I think I'll start feeling like a human being again next week sometime. At least I hope so. It's a strange feeling to be "away" for much of a week and then re-integrate into life... Everyone else has been moving at a different pace and I'm trying to merge back into it.

I stopped at the office on my way home today -- to check voicemail, door messages, email. Things that would be easier to do today without the child than tomorrow with kid-in-tow. I didn't notice while I was there and it was happening, but as I was driving away I could tell that nearly all of the tension and freaking-out that I had lost this week has returning. In about a half hour.

It made me really sad and a little bit angry, and it made me wonder what to do about it. I'm still thinking -- maybe when I've gotten a good night's sleep I'll see a bit more clearly!


P.S. (an after-thought) said...

Breath deeply Three times three times per day.

Do you have collegues you can talk with?

RevHRod said...

It makes me sad to think of you getting re-stressed so quickly. I can remember similar days, some only this past month! Although the current stresses are nothing to compare with yours. You will be in my prayers and I hope that life gets easier very soon.