Sunday, June 04, 2006

Coolness Meme

With a hat tip to Will Smama, and Katherine, I really don't *feel* cool and have had some periods in my life when I was decidedly NOT cool... so given that, I've decided to play along... Without further ado, five reasons I think I'm cool (also known in my head as "things that make me smile on a crappy day"):

1) Even though I fainted each of the first three times that I tried to get my ears pierced, as well as countless times while having my blood taken, I gave birth without any pain medication. While on pitocin. Hear me roar. (Which isn't to say that anyone who chooses/has no choice in how they give birth isn't cool... to each their own, really.)

2) I grew up north of the Laurentian Divide, which means that for the entirety of my childhood the river that goes through the backyard was flowing north.

3) As a freshman in college a guy pointed out to me that I didn't really have much (any?) cartilege in the end of my nose. It's a great party trick.

4) I'm married to a brilliant man. Which makes my (few and far between) victories at chess, jeopardy, and trivial pursuit all the sweeter.

5) My first several airplane rides were in small planes. Really small planes. As in me-and-the-pilot small. Because of this, I've seen pens float off the 'dashboard' of an airplane and felt my legs go weightless. It's pretty thrilling when you're 9.

How about you -- what makes you cool?


P.S. (an after-thought) said...

I sent you an email about point #2.

will smama said...

I didn't even know what the Laurentian Divide was so... I guess that makes you SUPER cool!

Sally said...

with you on the chess thing- i tend to think it is a fluke if i win!!!