Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Friday Meme, done Saturday

With kudos to the revgalblogpals....

1) The weather in your location
Sunny, crips, autumnal and lovely

2) Where you are typing this
In my living room

3) Where you might like to be sitting if you could be anywhere
In a luxurious hotel, perhaps on a beach

4) A chore you have to do this weekend
Some laundry

5) Something delightful you will do or would like to do this weekend
I'd love to pick some apples and take some outdoor pictures of The Baby Boy


Katherine said...

nice use of the word "autumnal," which is my favorite word (the subject of another revgalblogpals meme).

Pink Shoes said...

thanks... *laughing* as I was typing it I thought, "I really love this word."

Katherine said...

why say "fall" when you can say "autumn"?