Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Getting sucked in

This morning, when I should have been getting myself or The Baby Boy ready for the day, I got sucked into too many of those little quizzes that tell you something about yourself and then you can post them on your blog. There's a whole page of them. I'm sure that you knew that before I told you.
I could tell you what color my blog should be, what summer car I am, what kind of pizza I am.... and the list goes on for longer than I care to admit.
They reminded me of the sorta fun (did I just say that??) ice-breaker games that we played at camp and in the dorms and at the start of confirmation... Except instead of the answer being generated for me, I had to come up with something meaningful on my own in response to a pretty pointless question or inquiry about a favorite.
Some of my answers have varied, but others have always been the same to these questions. Come on, play along. You know you want to....

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
I've always said a koala -- because I think they're really-really cute. And, deep down, I guess I wanted people to think that I'm really-really cute.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
A tough one -- tonight, after being with people for a long time, I'm dreaming of someplace remote. My main requirement -- that it have some scenery, or at least be close to some!

What is your favorite color?
Green or blue or pink

How did you get your name?
Both my first and middle names are incredibly common, generationally-driven. I always wished my parents had been a bit original. My Blogger name came about because of my love for a certain pair of shoes and the time I dared wear them in the pulpit!

So, there you go -- a few ice breaker questions and my responses. What are your 'favorite' ice breakers? What are your responses?

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will smama said...

Animal - Eagle. I just think that flying and soaring thing is way cool.

If I could live anywhere it would be on the beach. Not in a really expensive place, it could be small but it needs a deck and a view of the ocean.

Favorite color: the color of the ocean when the sun sets (noticing a pattern much?)

My first name has no history except that my Mom and Dad did not give me a family name from either side to keep the peace. My middle name is my maiden name. My blogger name is an idea I took from my husband who is infatuated with our son and who when making up a name at a golf tournament said it was "Will Spapa."

Maybe this should be a revgalblogpal meme.