Friday, October 28, 2005

I keep a lot that should be thrown away

Here's one that I've kept since my days as a college RA. I think I've kept it only for the title and the first and the concept of a "Maytag's mothering."

Frumpy as I feel

My jeans need a Maytag's mothering tonight as I walk the halls up stairs and down Shhhhhhh I look straight ahead – don't see the glimmer of Lite. The lights burn strong candles don't die or burn low, but at both ends. I misplace things miss them in front of me Loreena Mckennit sings in the background while other things – my computer, the fridge, the lights, hum along. I wait. I read. I watch. I ponder divine inspirations. The snow falls, covers my mind, spins stories all night. As I walked down the stairs I figured my jeans needed a Maytag's mothering tonight.


Songbird said...

I like it.

Apostle John said...

As Pastor/Church Staff Appreciation Month comes to a close, know that you are appreciated for what you do in God's work.

Ciona said...

I like resurrecting past journal entries . . . nice!