Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The way continuing ed should be: Brueggeman and Bombay

Last week Walter Brueggeman presented the annual Christian Century lectures. I didn't know what to expect -- some people can write, but can't speak in front of people without being boring. I hoped, since he's been a professor for so long, that he could do his share. I also hoped, that he could speak to us as pastors, not students, by which I mean this: I hoped that when I walked away on Friday afternoon that I would have something that I could use.
I was not disappointed.
He taught.
He listened.
He invited feedback.
He was thoughtful.
He made me think. (And that was OK.)
He reminded me that being a pastor is all about being a student -- that what I love about being a pastor is learning and learning and learning so that I can share that with others. Sometimes I get wrapped in the tedium of the day and forget to learn, sometimes simply for the sake of learning.
Of course, starting Thursday evening with a beautiful Bombay Sapphire martini didn't hurt, either.
Brueggeman and Bombay -- Cheers.

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