Monday, February 20, 2006

Crumbs in the Butter

A few years ago I read a book about the "refrigerator rights relationships" that we as a culture (whatever that really means) no longer have. As in, how many people in your circle of friends have "refrigerator rights?" I have a lot of people whom I would offer anything from my fridge, but few (precious, precious few in the area) who know that they can open my fridge when I'm standing there and take something.

We use "tub margarine" or some-such spread. Neither one of us is particular about whether or not there are crumbs in the butter -- the tell-tale sign of double-dipping for your toast. Similar to refrigerator rights, I realized, is that tub of butter-stuff -- there are a few close friends who see the crumbs, probably fewer who feel comfortable leaving their own. Some of this is because we rarely have overnight or brunch company, and those who do stay over are among those with rights.

Why am I thinking about this tonight? *giggles* Well, because I'm indulging in a little snack of wafers with frosting and found myself double-dipping and leaving some crumbs in my tub o' frosting. I'm really the only one who does this in the family, so I'm not concerned. My remedy for the situation? To get another wafer and scoop the 'offending' crumbs.... mmmm. Yummy.


reverendmother said...

See, I just go right for the spoon and eliminate the middle man.

So glad to meet someone who loves the tub frosting as much as I do! What's your favorite flavor? I like buttercream. Nothing like the basics.

Kathryn said...

Oooh....ready made frosting. Why do such delights not exist here?
Perhaps, on reflection,it's just as well...but that sounds a very happy way to spend an evening!

RuthRE said...

Anyone is welcome to the contents of my fridge. I don't think their stomachs would welcome the contents, however. (I'll be harvesting the penicillin next week). I think this topic would be interestingly applied to communion.

For instance, how it was at least a few months after joining my current church that I switched from intinction to the common cup and except for illness have not switched back.

In the church I grew up in I'd only commune by common cup oh...the first time and maybe once or twice on festvial occasions.

(...continues pondering that....)

Anonymous said...

since we moved to the sticks, we don't have many visitors. but when we lived in the big sit-ay and had a cast of thousands (ok, maybe tens) in and out of our house, everyone had fridge rights. like ruthre though, they didn't usually like what they found - probably because i usually had the next day's worth of sterilized baby bottles all made up and sitting front and center! i figured it served 'em right! :)

see-through faith said...

laughing. loved this!