Friday, February 24, 2006

Disjointed about Friends

I feel like I have a few friends -- not a ton, but usually I feel like I have enough. I feel blessed to have the friends that I have -- those far away, those nearby, those who are guys and those who are women. I like people who are honest, who are smart, attractive, funny -- and then I start sounding like a snob. It's actually all about the connection -- can we talk for hours about everything and nothing over coffee or wine or gin? Do I get excited when I see you or hear from you? And after we've moved away from each other can we still have breakfast when you stop to see me with little incident?

I don't know what I would do without two of my ecumenical colleagues -- with these folks I am able to vent, collaborate, discuss, share a meal, and be assured that the future of the church, if it rests with us, is going to be OK. When I am with them I am NEVER too young to be a pastor.

I am positively in love with the following women in my life: my short-haired friend who first called me "Sassy Pastor;" the dramatic woman who asked me *in the narthex* *on my third Sunday at my congregation* if *dramatic whisper* if she was going to go to hell if she didn't believe that Jonah wasn't really swallowed by a whale; and the fashion plate who recently told me that she was coveting my shoes during communion the other morning. Oh, yeah.

It's good to have friends, indeed it is.

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