Saturday, February 11, 2006


When I sit down to write a sermon, some weeks it flows out of me like liquid from a pouring chalice – smooth and beautiful and lovely. Other weeks it falls out in clumps – not pretty, not graceful, definitely not something that you want others to see, let alone to intentionally share with others.

But Sunday morning comes regardless and sometimes I'm forced to admit that I climb the steps and face the people with a clumpy sermon instead of one that has been refined to perfection.

This week I really don't want to be clumpy. I want to have a sermon that's good – a sermon that I'm comfortable, even excited to preach.

I want to share the good news with enthusiasm and excitement – with clarity and grace. Part of me realizes that it's not about me – that preaching and standing up to proclaim the gospel is far from being about me and all about God and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

And it's in that realization I have to start writing.

Peace to all who preach.


Lorna said...

God speaks through clumpy sermons.

Be blessed as you preach His Message today

Pink Shoes said...

Thanks, Lorna -- I was truly blessed by the Spirit this weekend... and boy, am I glad Sunday morning is over!!